RIEDEC makes building count – for budgets, people and the environment

RIEDEC makes modern building materials production independent of the base material and location, and in doing so speeds up the pace of construction. With RIEDEC the required building materials are produced directly on site from locally available resources. This simplifies working processes and transportation, reduces risks and lowers costs.

The RIEDEC production process is largely CO2-free and proves that economic benefits, ecological responsibility and socio-cultural awareness can be perfectly combined. Even (construction) waste can be recycled and processed largely free of CO2 emissions. That not only saves landfill fees and conserves resources – but also makes the production of building materials an integral part of environmental protection. Additionally, the individual modification of the end product form for each project supports the preservation of local building traditions and makes modern building possible even with local unskilled labour.


  • It reduces costs
  • Speeds up the pace of construction
  • Lowers handling risks
  • Creates added value and jobs in the region
  • Preserves the regional building culture
  • Allows for nearly CO2-free production
  • Reduces the use of valuable production resources like crushed stone, gravel, cement and clay

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