Ecological Benefits

RIEDEC makes building count – also for the environment

A production process that is largely free of CO2 emissions makes RIEDEC the first and only company of its kind to demonstrate that economic benefits and ecological responsibility are not mutually exclusive. Just the opposite: they are a perfect match.

Excavation waste as a foundation, building waste as a raw materials mine, waste as an important resource – RIEDEC makes valuable raw materials out of apparently worthless rubble. Excavation material no longer ends up in a landfill, but is converted into high-quality building products right at the construction site. Even apparently worthless construction waste can be recycled and processed largely free of CO2 emissions. That saves landfill fees, conserves resources and makes the production of raw materials an integral part of environmental protection


  • Reduces the required volumes of crushed stone, gravel, cement, clay (and other base materials)
  • Substantially lowers transportation costs and lorry runs Cuts CO2 production emissions to nearly zero
  • Processes waste while immobilising hazardous substances Eliminates landfill pollution from mouldy demolition or excavation material

Riedec Benefits

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