Socio-Cultural Benefits

RIEDEC – building materials for the whole world

RIEDEC materials technology combines regional building traditions with modern construction technology. Local raw materials are upgraded to meet modern construction standards, and traditional building methods are combined with state-of-the-art technology. That preserves the cultural origins of local building methods.

For example, the RIEDEC brick manufacturing process is completely flexible with respect to size and format. It can be used to manufacture all common shapes as well as special sizes and traditional forms. Regional preferences can therefore be met in an optimal manner.

The intelligent brick dies developed by RIEDEC are available on order and can also be operated by unskilled labour. That guarantees easy processing by local personnel anywhere in the world. It creates jobs in the region and safeguards the sustainable creation of responsible locally added value.


  • Preserves regional building cultures with the use of local raw materials
  • Upgrades typical regional building materials to meet modern standards
  • Creates local jobs and safeguards local incomes
  • Maintains a high level of added value in the region
  • Supports project acceptance through the use of familiar materials

Riedec Benefits

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