RIEDEC makes building materials production independent of the base material and location

The innovative RIEDEC technology can convert locally available natural materials as well as products like excavation material, rubble or sludge into efficient building materials that meet the highest project demands.

The starting point is the RIEDEC binder, a non-mineral, hydraulic binding agent without cement, which is added to crushed and prepared raw materials directly at the construction site. It hardens on contact with air or water and can be processed without firing and largely free of CO2 emissions. That makes RIEDEC suitable for a complete range of construction applications.

Mobile aggregates that can be relocated to any construction site also make it possible to bring modern materials to local projects in remote or difficult-to-access regions. This method is particularly effective in highway construction, where the production of building materials can move right along with the roadwork.

With production using local resources directly at the construction site, RIEDEC not only represents an environmentally friendly process but also a low-cost method for the manufacture of building materials. Construction is speeded up, and there are fewer transportation runs to deliver conventional building materials like cement and crushed stone or to haul away demolition and excavation material. That simplifies work processes and reduces costs.

The RIEDEC binder

  • Is a non-mineral, biological binding agent without cement components
  • Is added to crushed raw materials directly at the construction site
  • Allows for largely CO2-free processing without firing
  • Can be thickened and processed on location without waiting time