An innovative binder converts mineral raw materials into high-quality building products

The RIEDEC binder contains no cement or burned limestone. It is the first material in the world that makes it possible to produce a technically demanding building product from desert sand, loam or silt as well as recycled material like excavation waste or rubble, which can be used in an endless variety of applications.

This binder reacts on contact with air and is transformed into a mineral binding agent. It then has the capability to transform almost any type of raw material into high-quality building products without firing and largely free of CO2 emissions.

The RIEDEC process is pioneering because it does not use hydraulic binding agents like cement or limestone – it is therefore perfectly suited for economical construction and also helps to protect the environment.

The RIEDEC binder

  • Is a non-mineral, biological binding agent without cement components
  • Is added to crushed raw materials directly at the construction site
  • Allows for largely CO2-free processing without firing
  • Can be thickened and processed on location without waiting time