Building materials production that goes with the times – and with the progress of construction

RIEDEC makes modern building materials production completely independent of the location. The new RIEDEC process makes it possible to convert local resources – low-grade natural reserves such as sand or limestone as well as recyclable material like rubble and excavation material – into technically demanding building materials – fast, at low cost and eco-friendly, and all that on location.

RIEDEC production facilities are mobile and can be moved anywhere to transform locally available materials into high-quality building products directly at the construction site. Wherever you are. Mobile equipment that can be moved to any location with a minimum of technical effort also supports the production of modern building materials for local projects in remote or difficult-to-access regions. The RIEDEC technology is particularly useful for road construction projects, since production can move right along as building progresses


  • A mobile process for building materials production that can be used at any construction site in the world
  • The perfect building materials for your project
  • From any locally available raw material or recycling product, and
  • Makes modern building materials production possible at any location.